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Criminal Trials: The Best Spanish-English Translator2018-11-03T21:35:14-04:00

Project Description

I always enjoy challenging assignments, and pre-sentence reports for criminal trials can be very challenging for any translator! These reports are written by a probation officer who makes a suggestion to the judge presiding over the case about how long a defendant’s sentence should be.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys also often respond to the pre-sentence reports with their own arguments in the form of legal briefs and motions.
Tackling advanced legal translations such as pre-sentence reports requires having the best Spanish-English translator! I am at your service with my experience translating specialized terminologies such as downward departure, sentencing guidelines, racketeering, a life sentence without the possibility of parole, credit for time served, concurrent sentence, and recidivism.

When translating long documents, it is always important to ensure that terms of art are translated consistently throughout the document. As a solo translator, I take personal pride in producing consistent and well-edited translations for my clients, unlike some large services that partition long documents amongst many translators. Trust in me, your best Spanish-English translator, and I will not let you down!