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Birth Certificates From Spanish To English2018-11-03T21:35:42-04:00

Project Description

I quite often translate birth certificates from Spanish to English. A birth certificate is a very important document required for many immigration-related matters including getting a green card, sponsoring parents’ visitor visas, and petitioning for relatives.

A birth certificate is available from most countries. For example, in El Salvador, the Family Status Registry (REGISTRO DEL ESTADO FAMILIAR) is the issuing authority for most birth certificates. However, the Family Status Registry may also offer certified copies which will include the volume, page, and entry number where the government originally recorded the birth.

I have translated birth certificates from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Venezuela with marginal notes, commentary that the original entry is illegible, for copies requested by relatives, and for many other types of unique documents. Use me for your best Spanish English translation for birth certificates!